Los Angeles is a city of tremendous accomplishment on a steep trajectory of growth and responsible, progressive governance (read more). As you would expect, there are serious problems. The evidence based solutions being implemented city wide by the Mayor, City Council, County Board of Supervisors, civil servants, non-profits, volunteers, etc. are visionary, critical for the future of Los Angeles and very costly. To overcome challenges including homelessness, inequality, traffic congestion, public education and disconnected youth, the full measure of city resources and assets must be brought to bear.   

One such asset is the collective appeal of Los Angeles as a destination for a grand international music festival in the name of the city. Los Angeles is the preeminent international travel & tourism brand with unrivaled music, cultural, entertainment and hospitality assets and infrastructure. The opportunity cost of this untapped market potential is hundreds of millions of dollars in economic impact. 

The registrant of the Los Angeles Music Festival® trademark seeks to establish a festival based on the example of the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Each year the New Orleans Jazz Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors and has an economic impact of more than $300 million. The festival is also the principal fundraiser for the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation, which uses the proceeds from the festival for year-round programs in education, economic development and cultural enrichment. And it's not just New Orleans. It's Montreux, Montreal, Newport and Austin.

So why not Los Angeles? These successful music festival cities are not superior. LA artists, musical and cultural heritage, venues, arts and cultural institutions, not to mention hospitality infrastructure, are at least the equal of any of these cities. The difference is that the other cities have leaders and stakeholders who want a music festival in the city's name for arts, economic and other purposes. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival was the culmination of years of discussions and efforts by city leaders not Live Nation nor AEG.  Why should we leave this up to companies working for their shareholders or owner? The star and primary beneficiary of Los Angeles Music Festival® can be Los Angeles and its unrivaled music and hospitality assets. We'll have outstanding talent. But Los Angeles Music & Arts Festival will celebrate and support LA. It's more than a City. It's a vibe. 

For reasons including brand, purpose, target audience, artist selection and digital technology, there has never been a greater opportunity to design and present a unique international music and arts festival under the name Los Angeles Music Festival®. Not for the benefit of the few, but the many.  Please join us in making this vision a reality. CA Nonprofit Public Benefit corporation Los Angeles Music & Arts Festival is seeking board members, advisors and supporters.  Read more...