“ULTIMATE DUETS” by Ten-Time Grammy Winning Jazz Icon ARTURO SANDOVAL is out now!

This landmark album contains a mix of collaborations with from the worlds of Pop, Jazz, Classical & Latin music, including: Stevie Wonder, Pharrell Williams & Ariana Grande, Placido Domingo, Celia Cruz, Josh Groban, Juan Luis Guerra, Al Jarreau, Alejandro Sanz, Prince Royce and David Bisbal. Pre-order here.

Ten-time Grammy winner Arturo Sandoval has released “Ultimate Duets”, Sandoval’s first release in five years and the continuation of a distinguished four-decade catalogue of over 30 groundbreaking titles. The album finds artists from the worlds of pop, jazz, classical and Latin music coming together for the Cuban maestro’s first duets release. At the outset of recording, Arturo simply asked each participant to suggest a favorite song they would like to reimagine and the results are as wide-ranging and illustrious as the list of collaborators.

Stevie Wonder chose to record “People” (which he and Sandoval first performed at a Grammy tribute to Barbara Streisand), whereas Prince Royce turned the tables and decided to record Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing” in a contemporary Bachata style. Many other magic moments materialized as the project grew, such as Alejandro Sanz (who appears on his own duet of “Corazon Partio”) brilliantly suggesting the addition of guitar legend Vicente Amigo to a flamenco infused version of Placido Domingo’s classic “Granada”. Participating in the album inspired Pharrell Williams to write the new, personal and specifically titled “Arturo Sandoval” with an invitation also extended to Ariana Grande.

At Arturo’s own request to his longtime friend Al Jarreau to revisit the famed hit “After All,” the fellow multiple-Grammy winner decided to write a new spoken word introduction. The addition of “The Pyramids, the China Wall… I’ll still be here After All… Mountains may crumble and stars may fall… I’ll still be here After All.” became even more emotional and timeless as it became Jarreau’s final recording, with the vocalist sadly passing away soon after the song’s completion. Similarly, Sandoval could not envision completing a full duets album without playing alongside the distinctive voice of his beloved friend and Cuban music icon Celia Cruz. The album is rounded out with additional duets with the powerful voice of Josh Groban, revered Dominican maestro Juan Luis Guerra, and Spain’s dynamic pop vocalist David Bisbal (see track listing below).

Dr. Sandoval is on the road with upcoming performances in San Francisco, Wilmington, Mexico City, San Diego, Breckenridge, Columbus and more.. See his full tour schedule here.

Ultimate Duets Track Listing
1. “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing” - Sandoval & Prince Royce
2. “Corazon Partio” - Sandoval & Alejandro Sanz
3. “People” - Sandoval & Stevie Wonder
4. “Granada” - Sandoval & Plácido Domingo Ft. Vicente Amigo
5. “Arturo Sandoval” - Sandoval & Pharell Williams & Ariana Grande
6. “Solo Esta Soledad” - Sandoval & Josh Groban
7. “La Bilirrubina” - Sandoval & Juan Luis Guerra
8. “Andante, Andante” - Sandoval & Anni-Frid Lyngstadt
9. “El Ruido” - Sandoval & David Bisbal
10. “After All” - Sandoval & Al Jarreau
11. “Quimbara” - Sandoval & Celia Cruz

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