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Los Angeles Music Festival® is programmed for listeners familiar with music of the 60s to the present and who continue to seek out new music. It's an Adult Alternative sound with jazz, funk, blues and Latin. It may take a moment before you hear the program sensibility and you may hear a song or segue that challenges your expectations. You're welcome. ;-) Enjoy this unique royalties-paid and commercial-free network .

Daily Program Schedule (PDT/PST)
0000-0030 Miles Davis
0030-0100 Stew Songs
0100-0200 Experimental Hour - Various
0200-0230 60s and 70s
0230-0300 Eighties
0300-0330 Nineties
0330-0400 2000s
0400-0600 New and Recent Releases
0600-0700 JazzMasters
0700-0730 60s and 70s
0730-0800 Eighties
0800-0830 Nineties
0830-0900 2000s
0900-1200 New and Recent Releases
1200-1300 JazzMasters
1300-1330 60s and 70s
1330-1400 Eighties
1400-1430 Nineties
1430-1500 2000s
1500-1800 New and Recent Releases
1800-1900 JazzMasters
1900-2300 Freeform
2300-2400 New Releases

This schedule is subject to change without notice. As of 2/28/2018 we had around 3,157 songs in rotation. Regular listeners may prefer these players