Los Angeles Music Festival® seeks to be a festival with a public purpose. The model is the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.

The Festival was the culmination of years of discussions and efforts by city leaders who wanted to create an event worthy of the city’s legacy as the birthplace of jazz.

50 years later, the annual economic impact for New Orleans is over $300 million. And as the owner of the festival, the Jazz & Heritage Foundation has for decades supported a wealth of educational, economic development and cultural enrichment programs. Read more…

So why not Los Angeles? New Orleans, Austin, Montreal, Montreux, Newport - these enduring namesake music festival cities are not superior. Los Angeles artists, musical and cultural heritage, venues, arts and cultural institutions, not to mention hospitality infrastructure, are at least the equal of any of these cities.


Los Angeles Music & Arts Festival is a nascent California Public Benefit Corporation organized to promote, perpetuate and encourage music, arts and culture through festivals and other cultural, educational, civic and economic activities. Seeking co-founders, board of directors and advisory board. Contact


Los Angeles Music Festival® was born as a live and internet music festival and is the world’s first and only #musicfestivalnetwork. With listeners in over 100 countries and more followers on Twitter than Grand Performances, The Broad Stage and Angel City Jazz Festival, the platform is an excellent vehicle to reach both domestic and international audiences. Our followers are affluent, according to Twitter, 37% of our followers have a net worth between $100K and $1-million. 15% of our followers have household incomes from $75K to $100K. 13% from $100K to $125K and 11% from $150K to 200K. Most have a professional/technical occupation and 99% are interested in music festivals and concerts. Our followers’ top consumer buying style? Premium brands, 74%. Contact us for more information on sponsorship opportunities.