The purpose of Los Angeles Music & Arts Festival is to create once in a lifetime music festival experiences in support of art, artists, arts education and arts organizations. Everyone gets paid but success is profits being distributed among festival beneficiary/partners. (Click here for the backstory.)


  • A made for television (OTT), purpose-driven non profit music festival for adults (40+) presenting Adult Alternative, Jazz, Funk, Blues & Latin music in best of LA settings with food, drink and signature hospitality.

  • Work with public and private stakeholders to leverage the Los Angeles travel and tourism brand to activate new & existing regional, domestic and international music festival, music cruise and music vacation travelers. Locally, leverage the festival purpose and partner/beneficiaries for public relations and outreach.   

  • Live concerts, promotional, programmatic and educational objectives are supported year round by Los Angeles Music Festival® Network to include social media and proprietary live video production capabilities. Funding needs include stipends for DJ/curators and music streaming costs.

  • Revenue streams include ticket sales, sponsorships, concessions and merchandise and Over the Top video and/or theatrical distribution.

  • 1 or 2 days 2019 (time/location tba)


Los Angeles Music & Arts Festival is a newly incorporated California Public Benefit Corporation organized to promote, perpetuate and encourage music, arts and culture through festivals and other cultural, educational, civic and economic activities. The non-profit is applying for 501(c)(3) status and recruiting a board of directors, advisory board and governance committee. The main criteria for anyone seeking to be part of Los Angeles Music & Arts Festival is a desire to see it succeed and the ability to help.  If that describes you, please be in touch (click here). 

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