Picture worth a thousand words #Coachella

I went to Coachella the last couple of years - my first and second times. Honestly, I was blown away. Had a great time and learned a lot. If you're inclined and can spare the money, I say go.  I'm not going this year but hope to return in the future.

Take a look at how many people Coachella follows on Twitter. And only 219 likes. Kinda sad, for them. Los Angeles Music Festival® (@LAMusicFestival) can't play, book and/or accommodate every artist, band and influencer we follow and engage with. But we'll try. We feel everyone. Your love for life and music inspires and lifts us up and we're happy to reciprocate and support your journey/adventure. Thank you for that. It's part of the DNA of Los Angeles Music Festival®.  Stay tuned.