#WhatWePlayed - Right here right now DJ BRAGGADOCIO

KCRW playing this and here's KLOS. Which means Los Angeles Music Festival® Network just kicked their ass, again! 🔥🔥🔥

We're playing the best new music we can find. A lot of jazz, fusion and alternative. We're curating for music lovers 40+ and everyone who appreciates quality and originality and remains eager to discover new music and artists. 

Los Angeles Music Festival® Network is akin to public radio playing adult alternative, new and legacy jazz, funk, blues and Latin music. Shows include New Releases, New & Recent Releases, Music of Our Lives and JazzMasters™.  Our 3200+ song library includes rock, jazz, blues, funk, world and anything that jams.  Still a little rough around the edges but we have the music goods (thanks in part to spending time around this guy).  

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