Curating Los Angeles Music Festival® is a music education #KingCurtis

I'm the person picking music for Los Angeles Music Festival®. I've been a DJ and/or playing, buying and collecting music for decades (in NYC, Los Angeles, Germany and NM). But my early music upbringing did not take place in New York, Los Angeles or Nashville, not to mention international music capitols. So there are holes.


Fortunately I have a record collection gifted to me by a friend who lived through NYC's music scene starting in the sixties. Whenever I can, I grab an album and digitize it (or buy it online).  Often I find gems. 

Exhibit A - King Curtis (born Curtis Montgomery a.k.a. Curtis Ousley). I had heard of him but had no idea how great he was. Born in 1934, King Curtis was a saxophonist who played R&B, rock and roll, soul, blues, funk and jazz. In 1970, a year before his death, Curtis won the Best R&B Instrumental Performance Grammy for "Games People Play". He was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 6, 2000. Read more...

All this to say I've just placed six King Curtis songs into rotation where they will be heard during the 60s and 70s segments. He's in good company. Tune in sometime!